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    Default Differences between Scott AP50 4.5 in 1999 and 2003?

    Can someone tell me the differences between a Scott AP50 4.5 manufactured in 1999 and one manufactured in 2003? From memory the Heads-Up Display came in 2002, but what other changes were made?

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    Other than the HUD as you mentioned, You now get a standard "universal RIT connection" at the High presure line where it attaches to the cylender. My department up-graded all of our AP 50's to include these items this year arround June. We also had a buddy breather lind installed on the Right Sholder. The new AV 3000 masks are nice also. Slightly larger field of view.

    I will try to attach a pic later today.

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    Don't forget it also has the integrated PASS device.

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