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    Hi guys. I am 20 years old and am finishing up my EMT-I class right now. I just recently tested with Clark County Fire and made it to the oral board. Things went really well, I even knew one of the members on the board. He was my Fire Science teacher. After the interview he called me and said that I did surprisingly well but I had some things going against me, such as my age and lack of experience. Anyways he started talking to me about maybe joining the air force. He said since I am still young and I am going to have my EMT-I soon I should join and get some military experience on my side. I guess they have a very prestigious firefighting program there. Anyways I really need some advice on what to do. Should I either try to get into medic school even though out here in Nevada it is very competitive or join the air force and get all the training and certs I need for free. I would really appreciate some advice. Thanks.

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    I know one thing... You can't test for fire departments if you are committed to the Air Force for four years.
    That being said... Being 24, an EMT, a veteran, and experienced in firefighting makes you much more desirable than you are right now.
    If I were 20, I would join.

    Nickels worth of free advice,
    "PHILIPPEANS 4:13"

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