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    Default Troutville Firefighter Seriously Injured

    Troutville Volunteer Fire Department

    P.O. Box 609

    Troutville, VA 24175

    (540)-966-8661 Fax (540)-966-8662

    For Immediate Release

    Contact: Jason Ferguson

    Troutville Vol. Fire Dept.




    Troutville Firefighter Seriously Injured in Fire Involving His Own Home

    Botetourt County- On Thursday March 3, 2005 at approximately 9:20PM Troutville firefighter Donald Keller arrived at his home in Buchanan to find an alarming site, his family running out of their home which was on fire. As soon as Donald recognized that his home was on fire he radioed the call in to the Botetourt Communications Center who immediately dispatched the local fire and rescue departments, which responded from Buchanan, Troutville, Blue Ridge, Fincastle, and Glasgow. While responding to a fire involving one of their own brothers, no one knew what lay ahead.

    Before the first fire and rescue units arrived on scene, off-duty State Trooper D.R. Lambert Jr. arrived from his home nearby after hearing the cries for help over his scanner. When Trooper Lambert arrived he found firefighter Keller inside the residence trying to put out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Trooper Lambert yelled for Donald to come outside and as when Donald attempted to do so, he collapsed in the doorway. Being pulled to safety by Trooper Lambert, Donald was found to be in and out of consciousness and barely breathing. Trooper Lambert provided lifesaving ventilations to Donald until the first Rescue units arrived.

    Upon arrival of the first fire units an entry was made into the residence. Firefighters found heavy smoke and fire conditions on the second story. The initial attack was made by firefighters from Buchanan and Troutville; their aggressive attack extinguished the blaze and contained the fire to the second story of the residence. While the fire was being extinguished, firefighter Keller was battling for his life. Donald was transported by Buchanan Rescue Squad to Roanoke Memorial Hospital, where he remains in serious condition.

    In the aftermath of the fire, it was found that the sleeping area of Donald, his mother, and her boyfriend was destroyed. Although the residence was not a total loss, many of the personal affects of everyone living there were destroyed. Donald’s mother lost all the clothing she owned; there was also water and smoke damage to many of the salvageable items left within the residence.

    The Troutville Volunteer Fire Department has setup accounts at both the Bank of Botetourt (540-254-1721), and the Bank of Fincastle (540-473-2761) for monetary donations in the name of the Donald Keller Fund. Anyone who wishes to contribute household items or clothing should contact, or stop by at one of the following locations: Troutville Fire station at 540-966-8661, Buchanan Town Hall 540-254-1212, Read Mountain Fire & Rescue 540-977-5881. Any contributions would be greatly appreciated.

    As of Sunday morning Donald’s condition continues to improve, but he remains in serious condition.

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