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    What exactly is the FDNY fire patrol, and what do they do?

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    Lucky for you, I've actually had to look that one up before!! This is probably the best "textbook" answer.. below. It is basically a modern "salvage corp/insurance patrol."

    Q: "Customer Service" is the buzz word when dealing with the public. While some consider this a new concept, it's actually very old. For years, fire department "salvage corps" and "insurance patrols" have been responding to protect the property of building occupants and owners. Only one career, fully paid unit funded by the Insurance Industry still exists today. What is it, and how many units does it have in service?
    A: The New York Fire Patrol, formed in 1835, still exists today with three fire patrol companies. Although these companies work with FDNY on a daily basis, they are not part of FDNY.

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    Originally posted by sexauer
    What exactly is the FDNY fire patrol, and what do they do?
    Here's a link to their home page;

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