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    Question Equipment details section on FEMA grant

    I have never done a grant like this. I have come to the section that asks about equipment that will be purchased with this grant. They want further descriptions, do they want manufacturer, supplier or what?

    We are doing a propsal for RIT stuff which will include rope, carabiners etc, do i need to fill out a separate sheet for each item because of the differences in qty and prices?

    Thank for the help and sorry i have so many questions.

    Stay Safe

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    Barb, are you going to be purchasing RIT packs, if you are awarded? You could just list out 'RIT PACKS that include: Ropes, etc.' and mention what is included. One dept. I worked with last year did that. You may not necessarily know the manufacturer, if there are many different ones. Just list the info you know - like what I mention above. If it's a pack, you can list a total price for the Pack. You may want to make sure you include in the narrative what is included in the pack, if that's how you're going...Good Luck!

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