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    We are applying for a aerial this year. When are unsure whether we should classify it as a quint <75ft or as a aerial ladder so it will fall under another category. We are wanting to purchase a 75 ft quint but it falls under the engine/tanker category. I feel our problem there is we currently have a 2001 custom engine, 2000 commerical engine, and a 1996 commerical engine. I fee that with such new engines we would never recieve an award for a 75ft quint under the engine/tanker category because of our current apparatus. I would like to submit it as an aerial ladder so that it falls under a different category, but from reading what bc76er and other members have stated it appears units such as pumper/tankers, quints, and rescue pumpers that serve dual purposes usually recieve a higher rating. Any help would be greaaaaaatly appreciated. My e-mail address is if anyone with any experience or knowledge of this subject could help. Thanks


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    Well you really don't have a choice in what you're going to call it, just how you're going to spec it. If there's no pump, it's an aerial. If it has a pump and less than a 76' aerial device, it will be a quint, but it appears the computer will lump that into the pumper category when processing. 76' or longer aerial device and pump, it will be lumped into the aerial category.

    If you need a quint, apply for a quint, but in my opinion, don't waste time and money with a 75', go 100'. Yes that will move you to tandem axle, but you want that anyway. NO ONE makes a 75' single axle quint that won't be close to or over the weight limit when loaded. Despite what the aluminum aerial folks say, if you outfit it properly, you will be close to the GVWR for the truck. That adds up to increased wear and tear. If your community is growing fast enough to need an aerial device within 5-10 you'll need the 100', and if you can't afford it without the grant now, you'll have even more trouble then. Besides, if you're under 20,000 in population it's a 5% match. Makes it a much more affordable truck then.

    95% off. If Sears ever does that I'm in big trouble.

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