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    Default Trouble Printing Application

    OK, call me stupid but I am having trouble printing out the application prior to completing it online.

    I am at the "Application Status Page". The tutorial says to print out entire application prior to completing it. In the left column it says "print application". This is where the tutorial says to click to print the application.

    When I click it, I get a red sentence that says "Printing the entire application will be enabled after the application period ends"

    I am sure the answer is simple, but you know, its late and only half my brain works when I am tired. lol


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    I had the same problem and called the help desk. They told me to print the appication section by section. They do not want people calling for a complete application print because it ties up there system too much. They suggested I print only the sections I need to work on ahead of time and forget about priniting the "easy" parts.
    Anyway...you will not be able to do a full application print until after the filing deadline...unless they change something.

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