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    Default Watch out below!

    On top of their job

    (T&G Staff / JOHN DIGNAM)

    SOUTHBRIDGE— Fire Chief Leonard N. Laporte and Firefighter John Mathieu use the department’s platform truck yesterday to fix the netting around the fire station tower on Elm Street. The Fire Department has been looking for someone to repair the 107-year-old slate roof of the fire station tower for 18 months, but has found no takers. “It’s not a real big job, but it’s a high job,” Chief Laporte said. Orange netting was put up 18 months ago to catch roof slate after some of the slate fell. The two men removed some pieces of slate that were loose because the nails had rotted.

    (Southbridge's station is a lovely, huge Romanesque building...well, the 20th century addition is kind of low-bid municipal...but still a beauty overall!)
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    Dal, you got a pic of the whole building??
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    Some of the volly departments here in citrus county are like that everyday falling apart with no repairs. The new deputy chief ( who is the only chief at this time ) to concerned about putting paid FF's in stations and fixing anything and everything to they're needs , but he hired all volunteers lol.

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    hmmm...is he wearing harness?

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