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    Default F-500 Encapsulator Technology

    I've just recently heard about this stuff (F-500 Encapsulator Technology). Wonder what you guys think of it? If someone has used it can you share your experience with it? Compare it to other extinguishing agents, how does it rate? Thanks

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    For more information faster, this topic has been covered before. Just search using F-500.

    That said, the more I use this stuff, the less impressed I am with it (saleman sold our administrators on the stuff). I don't have access to $$ figures. Is it any cheaper than "wetter watter"? If not, I wouldn't buy it because it's only really good as a Class A penetrating agent.

    Forget it on Class B. Yes it can put the fire out, but you magnify the spill problem significantly.

    I've concluded that "encapsulating technology" and "Micelle" are fancy terms for selling an emulsifier as something it's not particularly good at.

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