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    Default USA departments that will hire canadians

    Does anyone know of any american fire departments that will hire canadian citizens? Or any that will help get dual citizenship? I've heard seattle will hire canadians but will not help get citizenship. Thanks

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    Most US FDs require either citizenship or a green card (AKA permanent residency). A handful require citizenship and will not accept a green card. It is on you, not the city, to get US citizenship or a green card. The city won't help you. You have a few options:

    1) Apply for the green card lottery (Long shot).

    2)Get a job with a company in the US that will get a work visa for you (you might get a job with a multi-national corp. in Canada, and transfer to the US), and use the work visa as a stepping stone to a green card.

    3) Marry a beautiful, rich American woman and get citizenship.

    I've met quite a few foriegn nationals working as FFs here in the US, but they all have a green card or dual citizenship.

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