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    Okay, well heres my issue.
    I am 19 years old, and i run the explorer post in my towns full time department. Now part of the reason i want to be a firefighter is because of my dad, who he is, the respect people have for him and everything else. and i respect his knowledge of the job what he has seen and done etc. But its like he wont communicate with me. I'm sick of getting all these stories and lessons from guys at the station and them finishing off with a "didnt your old man tell/show you this" I sit there and im like WTF its not like i havnt asked him to share his knowledge with me.

    What can i say to get him to break his shell. It sucks having a 32 year veteran as your dad and he wont teach me sh*t
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    Why? It's not like you're going to visit me! But I'm near Waco, Texas


    It could be that from everything he's seen, friends lost and homes destroyed, he may be trying to keep you from being interested in firefighting. My son is 2 years old and honestly if he isn't even remotely interested in firefighting that's fine by me. I've seen way too much to want my son to follow me in my footsteps. But it will be his life and I'll be proud no matter what he does.
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    Default Yo...

    I know this might not be of much help, but has you told your
    Dad this. Just sit down with him (alone) and ask him to
    explain a FEW things. Not everything at once, just a few

    Might help.
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    Maybe he wants you to have life expierence.
    Maybe he doesn't want to seem like he's playing favorites. (wich in your case would be perfectly fine)
    Maybe he figures you are better off learning things on your own instead of spoon feeding you so you will be dependant on him for the rest of his life.
    Just ask him.

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    Sounds like a job for Dr. Phil ......

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