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    Question Anyone in New York up for a patch and/or t-shirt trade?

    My family will be taking a vacation to New York City, most likely some time in April, and while we are there, we would like to visit some fire stations and trade patches or t-shirts. If there's anyone from FDNY who would like to trade with East Farms, post me a message.

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    While I not saying there isn't someone out there who will trade with you I will give you some little tips.

    In most cases...we don't Trade shirts. For the simple reason that if I traded shirts with every FF who came in the door I would have 100+ shirts from everywhere but here and I would be out $1000 of my own money. We make and purchase our own company shirts and patches. They usually don't cost any more than a shirt in any touristy shop.

    You are more than welcome to visit any FDNY firehouse.

    -Stop by the house watch if the door is up and tell the Housewatchman you are there. Don't just wander around until someone notices you.
    -Don't be surprised if we might be busy at that moment drilling eating etc. These are working firehouses and things do need to get done. Don't think we are being rude if we can't accomidate you at that time.
    -Feel free to ask any questions.

    I will be honest and do a favor for the Brothers at 10/10. I don't envy those guys at all. They have been inendated with people and while they are great guys they can't possibly open up the door to every person that comes by. If the doors are down don't knock on the door or ring the bell. The day I was detailed there for the tour they didn't let anyone in because if one came in there would be 1000. Feel free to take pictures of the outside firehouse but If I were you, out of consideration for the brothers at Engine 10 Ladder 10 I would go to the numerous other firehouses nearby within meer blocks of 10/10.

    Enjoy your stay in NY.

    If you want to know where they are go to:


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