Just thought I would throw out this job flyer. Its been
open for awhile.

UC Davis Job Opportunity

VL# 1548 External
FIRE CHIEF, ASSISTANT - Operations/Training $5,000.00 -
$8,991.67/Mo.Open until filled
This position is located in: Davis Working hours: 8 AM -
5 PM.

This External position is for UCD/UCDHS employees and
the general public. Applications from the general public
and UCD/UCDHS employees will be considered simultaneously.

Safety position 3% @ 50

The ideal candidate will have a proven successful background
in a paid Fire Department with three years experience as a
Fire Captain or above. Must possess Fire Officer
Certification from the California State Board of Fire
Services. Must be a California Certified Hazardous
Materials Technician or Specialist. An in-depth
understanding of modern technology; operational
techniques; methods and practices related to fire
suppression; modern fire prevention; emergency medical
services; hazardous materials (Level A); technical
rescue; public education; and administration in a
progressive fire department must be exhibited.
Demonstrated ability to develop and lead a
comprehensive fire department training program.
Demonstrated ability to command multi-company
emergency operations utilizing the Incident
Command System.

Must pass a pre-employment Live Scan Fingerprinting
Background check. Must possess a valid California
Class C driver license and be able to obtain California
Class B non-commercial driver license with firefighterís
certificate (renewable every four years). Must
participate in the departmentís DMV íPull Notice Systemí.
Although the individual assigned to this position will be
assigned to a 40-hour workweek, the individual must be
able to work flexible hours that include a certain amount
of unscheduled time that may include days, nights,
weekends and holidays. Must be able to work in a non-
smoking environment.

To apply for this position please send resume and list
of three references to:
John Ebner, UC Davis Fire Department
One Shields Ave
Davis CA 95616
VL# 1548
For required application materials call (530) 752-7520,
TDD (530) 752-7140 or apply at http://hr.ucdavis.edu/emp.

The University of California, Davis, is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer with a
strong commitment to diversity.

Special Conditions of Employment: This position is a
critical position and subject to a background check.
Employment is contingent upon successful completion of
background investigation including criminal history and
identity check. Position will participate in the
Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Pull Notice System.
Employee is personally responsible for following health
and safety guidelines/instructions. Non smoking work
environment. This position is subject to completion of a
Pre-Placement Medical Exam provided by Employee Health
Services, at no charge to the applicant. Employee shall
participate in required preventative medical and medical
monitoring programs which may include blood tests,
immunizations, TB screening, Bloodborne and Airborne
Pathogen training, etc., and are provided to meet
Federal, State and University requirements. Required
to wear protective clothing and respirator in
circumstances that require personal protection from
infectious disease. Schedule is subject to change with
only 12-24 hours notification. May require working with
or around areas with sick animals, hazardous materials,
and/or infectious diseases, and distraught clients. Work
flexible schedule. Work occasional evenings/nights. Work
occasional weekends and holidays.

Physical Requirements: The incumbent must have the
stamina, strength, agility, power, flexibility,
coordination and balance to perform incident command
duties while wearing protective clothing and self-contained
breathing apparatus. The incumbent must also have the
ability to remain on duty and alert for long periods;
be comfortable while working from heights, in confined
spaces and with situations involving traumatic
medical injuries.