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    Default It's all in the details or generalize

    When writing the narrative for a piece of apparatus, how much detail is needed or do you generalize? For ex. a brush truck. Do you need to specify the exact chassis like an F450 or write it such as a 4x4 with off road capabilities that meets the deparments needs. Do you need to give an exact tank size or just give a range from 200-300 gallons that is suitable for the chassis.

    Is there a such thing as too much detail?

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    Spec it out for them. Model, chassis, pump, tank etc.They know what a brush truck is for but, you need to give them some details. Good idea to get several prices and let them know a range that you can work with. That way when the money starts getting low, like right now, they have the option of calling you to ask if you can do it for a little less, the answer to which should always be YES!

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