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    Question Need wildland fire prevention help

    I work for a fire department of a relatively large West Coast city. Within its boundaries are tracts of grass and brush, both public and privately owned, ranging from a couple acres to maybe 50 as the largest. (The city does, however, have the largest forested park in the U.S., at 5,000 acres.)
    I'm trying to develop suggestions for landowners (not honeowners) to take prior to fire season. Specifically the how and where to construct fuel breaks in fields of grass and brush. Can anyone supply with some documents or links to wildland fire mitigation techniques?
    I should note that we generally don't fight large California-type wildfires within the city. They are usually a few acres or less; anything larger throws the brass into a panic due to their inexperience with fires within the wildland-urban interface. We utilize only 4 or 5 brush rigs and one tanker in our fleet. I can recall only fire where helicopter bucket drops were used. So it's nothing fancy.
    Thanks for any help you may provide.

    Jim Worlein
    Lt./paramedic, E19'B'
    Portland Fire and Rescue

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    Default Contact ODF and/or USFS

    Lt., you can either pop your nose into the Pacific Northwest Coordination Center or contact them via the contacts here


    NWCC will be your one-stop shopping as there is all the agencies located there. They can better help you.

    Good Luck
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