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    Default Tower vs. Aerial

    Yes, I did a search on this topic, and couldn't find any information on what people prefer. The information I found was advice to particular department's on what they should buy.

    TRUCKIES OF THE WORLD...What do you prefer: An aerial or a tower?

    My department just bought a brand new Pierce 95' Mid-mount Tower and I love it. The only thing is, I didn't have much training on the old aerial (1972 ALF Mid-mound Aerial). I climbed it a few times, but never did much training on it. In all actuality, I haven't trained much on the tower yet either as I am away at school. Hope to be working with it tonight because I'm going home for spring break!
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    Straight stick aerial, just my personal preference because I hate driving with a big bucket obscuring my vision. Both apparatus definately have their place though.

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    Tower Ladder are the most versatile piece of apparatus on the fireground (if you use it correctly). It provides a much more stable platform for venting off of and for doing overhaul work from. It allows for more room to rescue someone and you can place more than one victim in the bucket at the same time. The TL is also a very effective tool for defensive operations as well. The only bad thing is driving the thing, but it is worth it once it is placed correctly.

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    In a nut shell my preference is - it depends. Demographics, types of structures, make-up of your depts fleet and those surrounding you--etc.

    Attached below is my full two cents worth on this topic from a prior post if you're interested.

    Stay Safe

    TL/LT vs Stick Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
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