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    Default Equipment Training

    If we are applying for a certain piece of equipment, and part of the bid is for training on how to use that equipment, should we lump that together with the price of the equipment, or do we need to apply under a seperate activity.....any ideas?

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    No you don't have to break them as two items if you don't want to. You can either not bother mentioning the training at all and just leave it as one lump sum since normally with certain pieces of equipment the training is included. Or mention that manufacturer led training is included in the price.

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    Although not required it is always a good idea to let the reviewer know that proper operations training ahs been throught through in the thought process. I would at least mention the fact that you have secured "training" through the representative. They always want to know that someone is not going to just jump in the cab and think they know how to run an aerial platform or the like.

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