I joined the Malahat fire department just before all this insurance thing happened. I for one didn't even know that there was insurance to be honest untill the chief told me. I believe in my heart and soul that we were not fighting for the insurance just for ourselves but for every firefighter including the ones who went back and the ones who came in. I personally didn't have anyone twist my arm, hold my head or threaten me because if I didn't follow or walk out. I sat in those meetings and watched everyone of those people STAND behind their chief and each and everyone of them when they were asked were they 100% behind the chief if he stood up for what he believed and and the answer was YES. Now I believe that standing behind your Chief is a good thing just like if a captain was going down with the ship. I personally think he went out on a line for all the members and is what he should have done and only doing this because he felt he was being backed 100% as everyone around that table said and wrote that night in the letters. I maybe only new at this but I never got one phone call from the "Wilson clan" saying if you go back then we won't talk to you. I only recieved phone calls saying come down we need to support each other and there in fact is what we all have been doing supporting each other which is what should have happened in the first place. If all of those people who said that they were behind the Chief when he asked because he did say and I will quote " I will not do this and go balls to the walls if you guys are not behind me" everyone agreed and said they where..Now I say what is wrong with that picture.