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    Talking a dive team


    I am a member of a volunteer department without a dive team. We cover an area that contains a fairly large quarry and accidents do happen there, although not too often. I am a younger guy with some basic scuba experience. My question is what all goes into starting a dive team. I know that your guys need to be rescue divers, but thats about it. Can anyone give me information on what goes into starting a dive team and some training strategies? Links to appropriate websites would be awesome!

    Also...what is the difference between a search and rescue certification and a rescue diver certification?

    Thanks to all who reply ahead of time.

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    We require Advanced cert. And experience diving in local water.. The rescue diving cert. Didn't seem to appealing to our Dept. Although I believe it to be a good class. A PSD class would deal with the encounters you'd face a lot better. Remember, Your a rescue diver, Some of the habits of sports diving need to be addressed. We can have 2 divers in the water shortly upon arriving on scene.. Another problem we have faced, Is retaining our divers.. About the time you get a trained diver, They'll leave the Dept. Were a 4 yr. old county dive team through the fire dept. Getting equipment is another concern, We're currently looking into a grant for Dry suit's And more water craft. It can be an expensive process, But well worth it in the end. Most of our dives are Law Enforcement assists, Stolen cars, Evidence recovery, With a little Search and Rescue in the mix. So In Summary, Experienced Divers, Realistic training, And Good Equipment Should get your foot in the door..GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Starting a dive team is a huge undertaking.
    Decide what type of calls you want to go on. Then gear up and train.
    A good training agency like dive rescue or lifeguard systems would be a good start.
    Perhaps you could dive with another regional team to get started with training.
    Public safety Diving is a high risk activity and you need to be properly prepaired prior to the tones ever going off.
    I would start with some basic patterns and just figure you'll be a body recovery team. Over the years you can get involved in more advanced scenarios.
    Ask some more and we'll see what we can do to help.

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    Default Re: a dive team

    Originally posted by dougefreshcjfd
    Links to appropriate websites would be awesome!

    Also...what is the difference between a search and rescue certification and a rescue diver certification?
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    The Dive Rescue International webpage can be found at:

    From the Dive Rescue International homepage you can find a training calendar indicating when programs are scheduled for your region. You can also fill out the online request form so you can recieve notification by mail when training programs are offered in your region.

    You also asked what the difference was between certifications. The "Rescue Diver" certification is a recreational certification which is an excellent program designed to teach divers how to rescue other divers. Every team member should (in my opinion) have this type of training BUT it does not replace professional public safety diver or dive rescue specialist training. The Dive Rescue 1 course offered through Dive Rescue International provides the fundamental training needed for public safety divers.

    You might also consider joining the International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists, a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing safety for PSD team members. Information about the IADRS can be found online at:
    or by calling 1-800-IADRS-911

    You can also subscribe to an online SAR diver forum at:

    Good luck!

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