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    Looking for information for our grant. We would like to apply to replace a 15 year old repeater (one of two operating on 154MHz) and install a base console, such as a Zetron 4010.

    Any communication gurus know if there is a requirement to switch to narrow band FM (NBFM)? I would like to use this requireent, if it exists, to help justify the repeater, as all of our other radios will do NBFM. I remember reading about NBFM a while back, but cannot find it on the the FCC web site.

    Any thoughts on how the requirements of SAFECOM (Recommended Federal Grants Guidance for Public Safety Communications and Interoperability) will be used to determine grants for communications equipment? The 2005 Program Guidance refers to SAFECOM in Appendix A. If I followed the requirement in this document, I would be lucky to have a narrative of less than 50 pages. The federal government is pushing APCO 25, which I do not see as ever happening in my town without 100% state or federal funding.

    I am concerned that systems that are non APCO 25 compliant will see little chance of being funded.
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    Ken: See if you can contact nmfire he's
    the guy with the commo. info.


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