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    I just received some information on getting a BS in Fire Science online from University of Maryland Univeristy College. Has anyone taken this program through them? Any input would be great. Thanks

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    I am doing my BS in Fire Science through UMUC. It is a great program. You are more than welcome to email me with any questions. I also know George has his BS from UMUC as well. On line programs do require a great deal of discipline as your course is all on-line. You participate in weekly forum type conferences for each class and I do an average of three research papers per class per semester. It is a bit expensive, if you live out of Maryland. You have to be prepared to put in a great deal of reading and writing as your grade is based on your papers and participation that and the expectations of the professors are very high. But, the caliber of professors is also very high.

    PM me or email me if you want to.


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    Is it something the likes of me could successfully complete?
    Or should I just "buy" my degree?
    Let me know.
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    Default Good deal..

    I got the same thing in the mail. (Firehouse magazine must have
    sold our address?)

    Looks good to me. Any type of education is great.


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    How long is the program completion time? I will be getting my FFI/II at Hutch (ks) this fall. My original plan was to go to the local college here and complete my ASSOC. of Fire Science. Now I am thinking of getting the BS in fire science. When I compared the class load of the assoc program vs the class load of different BS programs, they covered the same material. The only difference that I saw was the pre-requirements / core (math, eng, sci.etc...) I have a year and a half to make up my mind.

    What to do. If I could do it I would either go to Texas or Maryland. But first I am going to get the basics.

    Does anyone have the webpage address for the university of maryland (spec transfer info)?
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    Search Search Search........

    I started a thread on this in off duty discussions...but....OH WELL!

    Cheffie...what is it costing you per class? How many classes did you end up having to take? What will your degree be?
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