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    Default Firefighting in Alberta

    I'm currently 17 years old, and am finishing my last year of high school. My brother is a firefighter, and was recently accepted into Edmonton Fire Department. I am with Edmonton Police Service Cadets, and am applying to the Grant MacEwan Police Studies Program, I am also applying to the Army Reserves. Right now I have eyes set on a career in law enforcement, and am looking at joining up with the Military Police after college. However I am looking into getting a career in firefighting as well, and have had an interest in that job. Here's my question,

    If you have only taken Science 24, then will you not be allowed to become a firefighter?

    What are the physical fitness requirements of firefighters generally, right now I can do 60 pushups, about 50 curl ups in a minute, as well as run 4 miles in about 30 minutes.

    What are the requirments for anyone wanting to get into the fire school at Vermillion?

    I am right now seriously looking into Military Firefighting, if I were to apply to the DND Fire Service, what types of qualifications are required, as well as what is the training like, and where do firefighters tend to be placed?

    Thanks for the help.

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    The requirements are different by city and province Blue. Many Ontario departments for example require you to complete a specific pre-service program, while others will take you without any formal education.

    Most want a program like you get in Vermillion, and some expect EMT or Paramedic now.

    Generally a good base to start with is the following:

    FF 1&2
    Hazmat Awareness
    EMR (3 Week)
    Class 2 Drivers License (or provincial equivalent) with Air Brakes

    A Fire Science Degree will certainly help.

    On the Police side of things, those Police Sciences Programs are churning out hundreds of graduates a year for only a few dozen jobs, so you might be better served going for a 3year Criminology degree, or a specialty Diploma/Degree that they might find useful. Computer skills are in demand, as well as lab tech/forensic skills.

    Good Luck!
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    Holy bat$hit Canadablue, with all that you are going to do when are you going to find time eat or sleep?

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    Well, I'm gonna do what Kramer did regarding sleep, and I'm gonna just start living off protein bars, and power bars for the rest of my life.

    But, the biggest reason I am taking the police studies program, is because that is what is required in order to become a Military Police Corporal.

    Do any of you have any information on the Canadian Forces Fire Service?

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    Canadablue: Have a few friends on with DND Fire as military members. They can be posted anywhere from Vancouver Island I believe all the way to Gander, Nfld. All Army bases except for CFB Edmonton are civilian DND Fire Service. The military Firefighters are members of the Airforce as their purpose por mandate is for the various airbases across Canada. The only reason Edmonton is not civi is due to having a helicopter sqn. based there.

    As far as qualifications needed to apply to the military for the trade of Firefighter, the mi. education is grade 10...but it is the most popular trade right now, so don't go with the miniumums. Out of 100 FF positions, they will only hire 10-20 civilians off the street, the rest are "re-musters" (other military members switching their trade after 7+ yrs of svc in the DND)

    As for training, they are right up there! They give you everything and everything and are in great demand. One firend of mine lost a few guys form his training class last summer to other civilian depts. before they had even finshed training, so that says a lot!

    So good luck!

    And don't go MP, they're not that well respected by police swervices from what i have heard, theya aren't even considered police officers as far as the EPS's Experienced officer traing program.

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