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    Thumbs down Nosy reporters and HIPAA

    From the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate....Louisiana's Secretary of State recently suffered a serious injury as a result of a fall at his home....check out the latest development...


    I mean, this is just too much...I think this would be a clear cut violation of HIPAA laws, don't you? Discuss amongst yourselves.....

    In the lawsuit, the newspapers and Hill maintain that it is the public duty of EMS to possess and retain the tape and make it available when asked.
    Maybe available to other government agencies, or as evidence in a court case. But not to some reporter trying to spice up a slow news day...

    The newspapers and Hill have asked a state judge in Baton Rouge to order EMS to turn over the requested information or show cause why they are not required to do so.
    I think the burden should be on the newspapers to show cause why they need to have the recording....I hope the judge tells them to get lost....

    Kathy Spurlock, executive editor for the News-Star in Monroe, said the public should be allowed to know what happened that led to McKeithen's paralysis, and the public should be able to participate in future determinations on whether McKeithen is able to continue to conduct his public duties.
    "What happened that led to his paralysis" has nothing to do with determining whether he will be able to continue his public duties. What transpired during the 911 call also has nothing to do with it.
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    Eh, they are just trying to sound important. The news media likes to do that.
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    They get upset when there is gossip that they don't have/can't spread.....
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    You knew it was only a matter of time before this became an issue. The press is going to go absolutely batty after all the hospitals stop releasing any patient information at all.

    I am surprised it took this long to get a case filed. I have seen several stories come out and state that no information was available due to HIPAA, so it is only going to get worse. As soon as a hospital gets sued for releasing patient information everyone is going to clam up.
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    I think that the 911 call is a matter of public record, before I read the whole article I thought they wanted a copy of the tape containing the EMS assesment to the ER. And as someone else stated
    "What happened that led to his paralysis" has nothing to do with determining whether he will be able to continue his public duties. What transpired during the 911 call also has nothing to do with it
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    No problem giving them a tape as its public record. However, anything that would identify the person or the medical condition must be omitted, as I belive that is protected information under HIPPA. If they (media) have a problem with that, provide them a copy of HIPPA or tell them were to find one.
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