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    Has anyone tried to obtain a fit testing machine for SCBA wearers? We currently rent one and share with other departments. If someone out there has a sucessful narritive or good advice, we would really appreciate your help. Feel free to e-mail us at if you think you could help, or just post it here so many can benefit. Thanks!

    For some reason, our e-mail address contains a line break html code in it. PLease change that if you choose to e-mail us. Don't know how to change it. I edited the message several times!
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    does one department own it and you rent from them?

    what if you said in your grant that you were going to get it and then share it with the other departments at no or low cost for maint. to ensure that everybody was doing fit testing?

    just an idea to show more use out of it

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    We got a PortaCount fit testing machine as part of our 2003 award. Our complete narrative is in these forums here.

    The PortaCount is only a small portion of it though and only takes up one paragraph...

    "FIT TESTING EQUIPMENT: We are requesting $8,500.00 to purchase a PortaCount Plus Respirator Fit Tester and the Mask Sampling Adapter required for our SCBA face pieces. The PortaCount utilizes a quantitative testing method that eliminates the human variables associated with the qualitative method. Variations in sensitivity to the challenge aerosol or lack of cooperation cannot influence the test and results are immediate and unambiguous. Currently the department is unable to perform fit testing, and therefore is not compliant with the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard 29 CFR 1910.134. The purchase and use of this equipment would greatly enhance the safety of 100% of our firefighting force, and combined with the requests to follow (individual facepieces) in the Personal Protective Equipment activity will allow us to institute an OSHA compliant Respiratory Protection program that will ensure our members are properly protected from hazardous atmospheres, and will hopefully eliminate injuries from smoke inhalation. In addition, we would gladly allow surrounding departments to use the device. The only cost to them would be in purchasing the Mask Sampling Adapters required for their face pieces."

    Feel free to us this as a basis for your request, but please don't plagiarise.

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