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    Lightbulb AFG & Fitness Equipment

    Requesting a little help regarding applying for fitness equipment for this year's AFG. We are a five station, mostly paid personnel, fire department.

    Anybody willing to share a successful narrative, or any tips, would be greatly appreciated!

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    Lot's of guys here are not totally sold on the legitamcy of the Fitness and Wellness activities funded by the AFG program. However, I am. When the overwhelming majority of FF's are injured or killed due to cardiac problems and injured because they are not physically fit compared to other forms of injury, I think it is a well justified activity.

    For me personally (I know others may not agree), I think it is fairly easy to justify that the best geared firefighter with the most state of the art PPE and equipment is still in an extremely dangerous situation if they are not healthy. I think it is also easy to justify that well equipped firefighters who are not physcially or medically fit are also a danger to thier team members, when it comes to the strenous and demanding physical work involved in most fireground operations.

    Those are the issues you will need to address and remedy in your narrative.

    The important thing to remember when applying is that it needs to be a comprehensive program....not just a treadmill and smith machine. your program needs to include everything from an immunization program to medical and fitness screening and minimum standards of fitness. Each piece of equipment should be justified for it's benefit to protecting FF's from injury.

    There are a number of articles and sections in the fourms and in Firehouse magazine over the years that deal with developing an all encompassing fitness and wellness program.

    We put together a great program this year that included our fitness center plus a wellness and screening program. The only thing is our volunteers raised the money for it...we didn't apply for the grant for it, however we would have if we wouldn't recieved some incredible donations from a couple of groups in our community. But, If you're interested in what we got, and how our program works, email me and I'll send you the details.

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    Check out USFA Report FA-267 at www.usfa.fema.gov under the Publications section too. It's titled 'The Health and Wellness Guide for the Volunteer Fire Service', published Jan 2004. 98 pages worth of goodies.

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    One thing I see alot when FDs call me about writing for a Fitness AFG narrative: an unwillingness to participate in ALL THREE areas that are mandated in the guidelines. I can't tell you how many depts. state their guys won't get immunizations, or don't want to make their guys get physicals.

    I too think that the Fitness/Wellness is an admirable and well-worthy application. I just wish more depts. would be open to doing all three directives: Physicals, Immunizations & fitness.

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