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    Realy needing some ideals guys please help me. I would like to see some other narratives !!!

    This year my Fire Department is going to write a grant for a New Pumper/Tanker. I am looking for narratives that got awarded in the past year to help give me ideals. I am asking for anyone's help on this. If you could help me out please e-mail me at ( Also if you need help in writing a PPE grant I can e-mail you the narritve that i did last year and was awarded. The was for 18 sets of strutural Gear, 10 scba's with spear bottles, 18 flashlights, 1 T.I.C, 2 positive pressure fans, 1 Foam pro pack, 18 voice amps, 18 radios. I also put in for 18 sets of wildland gear, and a AED but they got cut from the grant. If you would like a copy of the narrative or you can sent me a Truck Narrative Please contact me by e-mail Thanks

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    My father told me that if there are ANY grant-writing seminars/classes in your area, ATTENED THEM ASAP, they add points towards your grant and they help dramatically, I know, that's how we got our pumper/tanker/rescue in August of 2004. Like we said, attend any kind of grant-writing classes arround you if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

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    I believe most of the seminars are over since the application period opened. for more information or visit the grant's forum here.
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