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    Default medical requirements

    i have a question for you all. right now i'm an EMT-B for a provately run service. i'd like to be a firefighter eventually (soon).

    but, i have a really bad right eye. as in, even with really strong contacts, i can't recognize the big E at the top of the eye chart. with both eyes, though, my vision is better than perfect. i mean, i can see out of my right eye and have played sports since i was little so i can obviously manage and everything. i was even a pretty good goalkeeper through high school. my peripheral vision is good for both eyes, so that's not a problem. i haven't been in any car accidents either so it doesn't seem to restrict me much in life. and my left eye has perfect vision.

    so i was wondering, would my gimp right eye disqualify me from being hired by a fire department? do you have to have perfect vision, or is less than perfect enough?

    thanks a bunch!
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    A guy I went to the fire academy with is blind in one eye and was just hired by a nice sized department. Just check the requirements, be honest, and ask if you have any questions about the requirements. Better to be upfront than to have them find out later that you lied when you were hired. Trust me, it's easy to do. When I had my physical, the girl doing the eye exam wasn't even looking at me when I read the chart (she was too busy writing something down). Probably a common occurance.

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