Cooper, sheriffs back new meth medicine restrictions

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - North Carolina sheriffs, a firefighter and
the attorney general want their legislators to adopt a proposal
similar to Oklahoma's anti-meth law.
Lawmakers in that state are considering a measure that would
restrict the sales of popular cold medicines that are used in the
manufacture of methamphetamine.
The legislation would also require consumers to provide a photo
identification and would limit the number of cold tablets they
could purchase in a month.
The proposal is modeled after a law passed in Oklahoma, where
law enforcement officers say the sales restrictions have
contributed to an 80 percent decline in meth lab seizures in some
parts of the state.
Firefighter Darien South lost about half of his lung capacity in
2003 while responding to a fire at a house where a meth lab was
located. He also lost some of his eyesight and suffered severe
South says the bill is an important tool for getting rid of meth
in North Carolina.

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