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    Default A Theoretical for Y'all

    I have a "theorecitcal" situation I would like to run past everyone here, specifically Union firefighters...

    Setting: An area consisting of many close knit fire departments... specifically 3 full time City departments, and 4 volunteer departments. This area consists of 3 larger cities and 2 much smaller 'cities'. The two largest full time union depts just got thier budgets cut, specifically in the medical field, and are lookin at possible man power cuts (minimal, but cuts all the same). Also in the area is a brand new non-emergancy transport ambulance company.

    Theoretical Situation: If the ambulance company was to suggest to the city councils that lost the funding to remove the 911 trauma response from the FDs and give them to the company, thus takin jobs from full time union firefighter, do you think that would have an effect on an employee of the same ambulance compnay gettin a full time job with one of the full time FDs (of course this person would quit with the ambulance if on a full time FD... my question is do you think thier ties with the company who attempted to take jobs from union firefighters would affect thier chances at gettin a job with the same FDs)

    Please post any and all responses...

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