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Our readers write: March 16, 2005


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Those killed abroad are heroes too

The entire nartion mourned the loss of four young RCMP constables gunned down in a senseless killing.

At their memorial service, attended by 10,000 mourners. they were eulogized by the governor general and the prime minister. And that is as it should be.

But would the nation do the same for four young servicemen on a peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan, killed by a suicide bomber?

We know that is not to be, and it beggars the question - why? All were volunteers who willing placed thier lives in jeopardy for their country.

Maybe it is because we view law enforcement officers as our personal guardians, and servicemen are somewhat removed from our lives because their death takes place in foreign countries miles from our borders.

It is important that those who serve remember that Canadians consider anyone who makes the supreme sacrifce, at home or abroad, to be a national hero.

Bob Thompson, Saanich.

Times-Colonist 2005