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    Default Yet another car question

    I am currently making my self a filing system, Creating records for my vehicles so if something happens, I dont have to go digging, I can just open the spreadsheet and everything is there.

    I have been having trouble finding some specs for my families van. It is a 1996 G10 sport van conversion. The ownersmanual doesnt have crap for info. Is there any search engine that you cant type in the vin and through some process come up with general specs. Engine displacement, CCA, recomended dealer parts, etc...

    Along the same lines, is there a website that lists dealer recomended parts for vehicles. Spec chevy and ford.

    Any input is appreciated.
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    http://www.intellichoice.com/search/...vrolet%20specs Enter the information into the top left corner search thing.

    As far as what brand part to use. I'd call your local Chevy/Ford dealership and ask them what brand parts they're recommend using in a Chevy G10. More than likely it'll be something generic like ACDelco.

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    Pick up yourself a Chilton or Haynes repair manual, I perfer Chilton. Anything you could want to possibly know about the vheicle is in that book, incluiding a COMPELTE VIN breakdown. I picked mine up on sale at CarQuest for some $8 bucks each, around $14 not on sale.

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