Bullets fired into unoccupied fire stations

McMINNVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Someone fired shots into two stations
of a Warren County volunteer fire department. No one was in the
fire halls when it happened.
Collins River Volunteer Fire Department Chief Tony Rhea says
he's upset that someone would vandalize fire trucks and put people
the department serves in jeopardy.
Collins River has about 900 subscribers in the southeastern part
of the county.
Authorities say 16 shots were fired into one fire hall and ten
into another station.
At least one of the bullets struck a brush fire engine, which
the department also uses as a first responder vehicle for rescues.
The incident Friday night comes after someone shot the front
door locks at the same fire halls in September.
Fire Board member Don Hillis says the vandalism began just days
after a change in department administration, when some officers
were voted off the board and some new one were voted on.
Immediately after that, the locks were changed at the fire
He says officials think the vandalism is being done by someone
who doesn't have a key.

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