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    Post san diego to seattle

    Hello, I just wanted to drop a quick line and introduce myself to the familiar community here. I am very pleased that a web community like this exists for both experienced firefighters, families, friends and people like me who are interested in the profession.

    I recently finished my san diego county EMT and NREMT and headed up north to Seattle to take my first firefighting test. I am currently living in san diego trying to explore all oppurtunities that will help me gain experience and lead me to a future career.

    I recently had the oppurtunity to have a ride along with station #26 in Kirkland, WA and despite the "ridealong curse" I actually was able to witness 3 medic calls and a fire in a 12 hour shift. I have to admit that the reason I was able to have the oppurtunity of joining the crew of 26 was because of my father, a captain at #26 who allowed me to come in for the day. The experience was rare, and I know that I probably will never encounter anything like that day again as someone outside of the program. However, this experience has fueled my motivatation for the fire service and right now I am extremely ambitious in getting myself involved.

    I am sure that a few of you are familiar with the tough competion of southern California and I hope that some are willing to share some secrets to a dedicated student/tester/anything helps type of person.

    I am new to this process and sincerely would appreciate any feedback.

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    Welcome, and good luck with your persuits. Lots of information to be had - just ask!
    -I have learned people will forget what you said,
    -People will forget what you did,
    -But people will never forget how you made them feel!

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    Default good luck

    Being from Seattle i can tell u that the competion is huge for seattle. The outlining areas are great to try for to. Seattle just went to a video testing program, dont know hor it is but cant be easy, pysch test is a pain. But all the luck to u. Keep trying is the key and anywhere up, alot of small towns are vol / paid and hire within there own group, no outsiders. If u dont mind let me know how u did. Again good luck

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