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    Question Urban, Suburban, or Rural?

    Just wondering if any of the rest of you have encountered the same problem that I have in filling out the application. I checked off the 'Rural' radio button under the department characteristics, and when I went to paste the narrative, there was a warning in red telling me that they rated my department as urban.

    Now my department is the second smallest in PA, about 20 miles northeast of Philly, covering a whopping 0.35 miles, and has a population of around 500 people, hardly an urban setting. Last year the application rated us as rural, and two years ago we were suburban.

    Not a big deal in including an explanation for the difference, but I'd rather not have our department compared with larger urban communities(unless it would help our chances of an award-hahaha).

    Just wondering if others out there encountered this problem.

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    Unfortunately, the best I could find out was that it simply takes your population compared to sq mileage and has it's own scale as to what percentage is urban, suburban, rural. Total population divided by sq miles = your percentage for them to classify you on.
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    I attended the APG grant seminar that was held at the Bucks County Emergency Services Training Center. The speaker covered this issue. The computer calculates whether you are urban, suburban or rural, however, you can change that selection. This option was the result of some cities that cover extremely large areas being classified as rural. Your FEMA Region 3 grant representative may be able to help if you have additional questions.

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