While it seems that in the volunteer fire service that active duty members of a dept. get all the attention, it seems to me that at times, those volunteers who serve in a support (non active duty) capacity may get overlooked as far as public attention,etc. goes, not that I am looking for such, but just would like to make people aware that support staff in a volunteer department are just as important as the active duty guys and gals. For example, in addition to helping out with departmental fundraisers as we have here in Perry, I also dig up useful information that I feel might be of use to our chief in fire fighting tactics and this website is a gold mine of information that most any fire chief can use in firefighting tactics. Every so often I print up a package of information to give my department chief to help out the active duty guys. I may not be an active duty guy, but even in a support capacity, I am proud of my role in my hometown department and will do all I can to maximize my value to the department even though, due to a foot injury, I cannot fight fires. After nearly 2 years I feel I am just hitting my stride. It's my way of giving back to the department and my community for a fine rescue job of 8 years ago.As far as I am concerned,satisfaction for the best job I can do and an occasional 'atta boy' for my efforts is all the reward I really need. This year I will mark my second anniversary in the Perry,NY department and THE BEST IS YET TO COME.