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    Asst. Eng.292

    Try looking into getting Fire Apparatus Magazine, they show alot of different apparatus every month.

    As for your Engineer title, I saw someone question if you were driving fire trucks a couple of pages back. Is an Engineer in your department someone who is assigned a truck to check everything on that truck once a week? Because that's what it is in my department. Someone who drives the truck is simply a driver or operator.

    For you old guys

    Remember, you were young, stupid and cocky once. Give him advice, not jump on him.

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    OK Kids, this is going no closed.

    Also "Adults" .. engaging in some silly verbal battle here or telling people where they stand in society, etc. also has no place here. Growing up isnt just for kids. Really.

    We'll remind people posting stuff for sale, trade, etc. isn't part of the forums.


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