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    Did not know were to post this but I have to vent. Has anybody ever dealt with United Plastic Fabricating (UPF)? If you have I hope you had better luck with them than I have. It is going on 3 weeks and I still have not recieved what I need to fix our tank. While replacing the 1.5 in. tank fill nipple the plastic threads split. Since I was the one doing the work I know I had to be to blame for this but I was not applying hardly any force when I heard them crack. What a sinking feeling. Anyway I called UPF and told them what happen and that the truck was out of service. No problem they say, we have a bolt on retrofit kit that we will send out today to you )keep in mind this is a kit). Well a week goes by and nothing arrives. I call them back, they do some checking and tell me that it was still in their warehouse. So another 5 days go by and it finally shows up. Well at least a flange shows up. Of course their were no instructions with it so another phone call and they fax me the instructions and a parts list. After reading the instructions and their references to the parts list I figure out that they only shipped one seventh of the kit. So now I will have to call again this am to get the rest of my kit. Needless to say my frustration level is high with these boneheads. Good thing they know the truck is out of service or this could be taking longer. Do companies just not care anymore about their service anymore.

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    Do companies just not care anymore about their service anymore.
    Nope. Very few
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    Don't give up. Sounds to me like you're just not reaching the right ears. Give them a call back. Ask to speak to Management material- someone in the front office. Explain your problem, what has happened to this point and your frustration. Be sincere and polite. If this does not bring you success, see what Poly-Tank will do for you, and make sure UPF knows this.

    When I have come across problems like this in the past, 99% of the problems were corrected 99% of the time, after speaking to Supervisor/Management Staff.

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