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    Talking Utah-Incoming in the USA-Howitzer shell explodes

    Howitzer Shell Lands in Pleasant Grove Back Yard
    Mar. 24, 2005


    There are some big questions today for UDOT about how an avalanche control shell landed in the backyard of a Pleasant Grove home.

    The military shell exploded just feet from the home, causing thousands of dollars in damage.

    Sam Penrod has the latest from Utah County.

    This was a very close call yesterday afternoon, when a huge explosion rocked the neighborhood.

    But it wasn't until late last night when authorities determined what it really was.

    And this is what the 105mm howitzer shell did, to the Connors backyard in Pleasant Grove.

    There is a big hole in the ground where the shell impacted, but the shrapnel went in all directions and ripped right through there house and as far away as across the street.

    Their backyard shed was ripped into shreds and the fragments from the shell narrowly missed their three year old boy who was inside watching TV.

    But there is also substantial damage inside their home, which will have to be fixed.

    Police at first suspected possibly a pipe bomb, but the bomb squad found it was the howitzer shell and it was traced to the avalanche control conducted by UDOT in Provo Canyon yesterday.

    UDOT is now looking into what happened and there are a lot of questions to answer about how this could happen.

    But certainly a big sense of relief that no one was hurt and we will have more on this today at Five.
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