Deputies, firefighters to get new complex in Deltona

Staff Writer

Last update: March 24, 2005

DELTONA -- Firefighters and deputies dealing with tight spaces may see some relief as the city considers plans for a new, larger complex to house them both.

The city plans to build a $4 million to $5 million public safety complex to be shared by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office and Deltona Fire Services.

"It's obvious we need it," Mayor John Masiarczyk said. "Our population is expected to be around 125,000 by 2025. We've got to plan for the future."

City Commissioners will hear proposals by two architectural firms for the complex's design on April 2. Deputy Fire Chief Bob Rogers said the idea to build a new complex came after both the fire department and the Sheriff's Office had plans to renovate existing facilities.

"It was decided the best thing to do was to go with something new," Rogers said. "To do it right."

Although plans are still very preliminary, Rogers said the building -- to be on Day Road off of Howland Boulevard -- will probably be three floors with about 15,000 square feet per floor. Day to day operations will be housed on the first floor, communications and an emergency operations center on the second floor and administration on the third floor. Rogers estimates nearly 100 people could work out of the building.

"We just cannot provide anymore services out of the facilities we have now," Rogers said.

Rogers said he thinks plans will be done by the beginning of next year when the 12- to 18-month construction process could begin. One million dollars of the funding for the complex has already been put aside by the City Commission. Masiarczyk said another $2 million may be funded this year.

"I'd like to do what we did with City Hall and put the money away first," he said. "That way it's paid for when we walk in the door."

The county will not pitch in for the facility because its contract for sheriff's services with the city makes Deltona provide facilities for deputies. Also, Masiarczyk said, even though there are no current plans to do so, if the city ever decides to have its own police department, the new building could house it.

Rogers said there will be room for evidence and records storage, something now done at other county facilities.

Sheriff's spokesman Brandon Haught said the facility is greatly needed.

"This is one of our largest districts," he said. "We need the extra space to take care of that growing population."

The new complex will replace the current sheriff's station on Providence Boulevard, a small building that once housed the original Deltona library. Fire station 63, next door to the sheriff's station, will also be housed in the new facility.