This will be a two phase scenario, based on real events.

Phase one: You are sitting nicely down to your afternoon meal in the firehouse, when the tones drop for a multi-vehicle MVA involving at least one tractor trailer and a (currently) unknown number of vehicles. Your area covers a large section of the Interstate or Trans Canada highway (if you are north or south o'da border )

Initial reports are sketchy at best, so you roll with all you have and begin considerations for MA to the neighbouring depts.

Phase two: You are toodling along in your nice new Mustang, just enjoying a wonderful sunny winters day out on the Interstate/TCH and you round the bend in the road, to discover the afore described scene. Yours is the first veh to arrive after the "incident".

Do you: a) "make a mess in the road" as per the Michigan poop truck?
b) pass out because you feel you've just been overwhelmed by the limited resources of whats in your pockets?
c) call Joe's Diner down the road and request a delivery for a 24 of beer and a case of whisky because you're starting to think you might be here a while?

Now this is what really happened:

Horrifying Highway 401 scene, but first impressions deceiving, no injuries

Canadian Press March 25, 2005

NAPANEE, Ont. (CP) - It was a horrifying scene on the nation's busiest highway Monday morning, with mangled cars and a disabled tractor-trailer scattered across Highway 401.

Early calls to the nearby Ontario Provincial Police detachment in Napanee, Ont., painted a terrifying picture of a tractor-trailer crushing several cars on the highway.

But initial appearances were deceiving.

"When the officers first arrived, they weren't sure what they had because there were crushed cars all over the place," said Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Jim Cosgrove.

"But it turned out that it was part of the load of crushed cars - fortunately."

Police closed a section of the highway running through eastern Ontario for a few hours when a tractor-trailer hauling the cars dropped part of its load early Monday.

Several of the vehicles came loose and slid onto the highway. It looked like a tragic, multi-vehicle crash, but the cars were empty and had already been scrunched for scrap metal.

There were no injuries and police reopened the highway a short time later.

The Canadian Press 2005

Now you take a deep sigh and realize that this is not near as bad as initially toned out or viewed from the rear.