Our world is affected every year by an extremely large, and increasing, number of disasters. From the most simple and routine accident to the major natural or man-made disaster, the challenges presented to different agencies and individuals originate different strategies of response. The Disaster Response and Defense Magazine, a free online magazine now debuting, wants to know those different approaches and strategies. The staff of the magazine is entirely composed by experienced personnel, that worked, and still do, in the fields we cover.
Exchange of information and experiences is vital in the modern activities related with public service.
We want to help those who serve and protect by providing accurate, updated and truly useful data, operating as a source for news, covering from procedures, technology, to missions and also public warnings and information.
What we ask you or your organization is that you provide us information you consider relevant or interesting, to the community you serve (or to other communities) and to other agencies and individuals.
The organizations that accept to join us in this project, not only have the information sent to us published in the magazine but can also have a page, at the site of the magazine with a profile of the organization and useful information, periodically updated and with data provided by the associated organization, also for free.
Together we can create a truly functional and useful information database and forge the links that, one day may be essential to save a life or contribute to defending the country.
We hope this project can be as appealing and exciting to you as it is to us, and we hope we can hear from you soon. Please feel free to contact us regarding any issue associated with the Disaster Response and Defense Magazine.

Best regards,

Vasco M Mantas
DR&D Magazine Executive-Director
(RD&I Rescue Training Network Manager, ISRC Team Captain)


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