As everyone should know buy now, The state of Indiana has changed its 24 hours training to "mandatory training" I have mixed feelings about this. I completed two 24 hour training for two new members in Dec. We mailed them in around jan 17th (we were told that this would be ok) Now I have got one back. This app. was for a 17 year old cadet member. I called PSTI and ask the problem. It seems that they will not certify anyone under the age of 18. Now this is were the problem is. To be in accordance with the law you must have 24 or mandatory training before you can respond. Correct? If they will not certify cadets under the age of 18 this kills all the cadet programs in the state. There is a personal standards meeting on April 4th at wayne Twp. @ 10 am. If you have a cadet program and have questions this would be the time to come and ask them.