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    Two things stick in my mind at a Stockton, California written. One candidate drove all night from southern California with his buddies. When they went in, he realized he had forgotten his pictured drivers license. Did they let him take the test? No! He had to go wait outside for these friends to finish the test.

    The second thing was a guy I saw running from two blocks away. He was really booting it. High stepping. He was trying to make it before they shut the doors. He wasnít a little bit late. But 20 minutes late. Did they let him in? Absolutely not! No matter what the reason.

    I saw this happen at the Phoenix written. No less than 15 people were turned away at the door because they were too late. These folks were more than disappointed. Probably more so now with how many are still in the process. Yes, parking was a problem. But, that was the candidateís problem for not allowing enough time to anticipate the unexpected. I saw some candidates arriving in taxicabs. This was a creative resource. This is something they can use in the oral. As the training officer was turning the late arrivals away at the door he said, ďIf this is how youíre going to be as a firefighter, we donít want you.Ē Brutal? A tough lesson? But, he was right.

    The point here is to check everything head to toe and allow more than enough time to get to the written site and relax before you go in. The doors at Phoenix opened at 7:00 A.M. I was with the first to arrive at 6:00 A.M. Here again there were hoards of candidates at a dead run trying to make it when the doors were being closed. Itís a wonder someone didnít have a heart attack. The 02 was definitely needed. Wonder how many of these folks didnít make it through the PT.

    Hereís a ďNuggetĒ. When you get to a written, donít talk to anyone; not even your friends. Psych yourself up on the way. Separate yourself for game day. What would happen if someone gave you some news that could throw your written score off? Some news they had received results from a test you both took. That they were going forward in the process. And, you didnít get a letter. Troubling? Would this or any other information like this mess up your mind before a test? You bet.

    This even applies at the oral. Orals can often run behind. Several candidates could be in the waiting area at the same time. Do not, I repeat, do not start a conversation. One of our candidates felt the nervous need to start talking to another candidate. He found out this guy was a scientist. He felt he was less and didnít know how he could compete with such overwhelming credentials. He blew his own game plan.

    He regrouped on his next test and got a badge. He was probably more qualified than he gave himself credit for. Who knows what happened to the scientist?

    You can find more on testing secrets in the Career Article section from the Jobs drop down menu just above this posting.

    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

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    Default Wow...

    I have to back up what was written above. I have most of it.
    Running to test, going early, etc. I have had a door slammed
    on my face yet, but I am sure it was close.

    Thanks Bob for the good tips.

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