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    Default EMT's in Australia

    Are EMT's in Australia the same as EMT's in the USA

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    I can only speak for the state of Victoria but most of the states are similar within the built up areas.
    In Vic we have two emergency medical response organisations Metropolitan Ambulance Service and Rural Ambulance Victoria. MAS is fully staffed by full time paramedics who do 14 weeks full time study at university then 1 year alternate on the job and class room study then another 3 years on the job before they are fully qualified. Paramedics can train up to MICA Paramedic wich is Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance and then up to Flight MICA standard wich is a level above that. RAV has the same level of training but employ some part time and volunteer paramedics due to the spread out nature of their response areas. If you want any more info have a look at www.ambulance.vic.gov.au

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    Default Quick Question

    Could you leave the USA with your Paramedic License and get a job i a diffrent Country???

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