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    Does anyone here use the Argus TIC? If so how does it work?
    Any recomendations on which TIC to purchase for a combo dept that runs about 1000 calls a year with a samll percent being fires?

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    Our original camera, back in 1997, was an Argus. It worked fine for us, have very few problems for the first 5 years. Then it had a problem and since it was so old (?) it could not be repaired. We have now put a MSA 4100 in service to go along with our MSA 3000 and 4000.

    We run around 300 calls per year, no EMS.
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    I would suggest that you form a committee the look at all of the offerings available. ISG, Bullard, MSA, Scott, ISI, Cairns/DIOP, E2V, and Total Fire all have TICs and representatives to come and show you their products.

    ISG's rep in Michigan is Alert Fire Equipment (800) 531-2677. Other manufacturers will have reps in your area.

    Whichever camera you finally decide to purchase, I strongly recommend that you get tactical training in the use of the TIC you get from Safe-IR. You can contact them on the web at

    David Fisher
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    My dept has all the Argus cameras. We started out with the 4 of the original ones, the first one to die was replaced by an Argus 2, the next 2 to die by Argus 3s. The firefighters were not given a choice, the Chiefs just bought the Argus 3s. The Argus 3 has a decent image, but is large and awkward to handle. We leave it on the rig most of the time until overhaul-there just aren't enough hands to carry it and hose or tools. I would recommend the Bullard T3, it's almost small enough to fit in your pocket. I've seen the helmet mounted Fire Warrior from Total Fire, and I don't think that's where we need it to be yet. Scott also has a new camera that looks good for the $.

    All that said, Mr Fisher gave you good advice. My dept's idea of training is to have the Training Officer read an article and, joila!, he's an expert and ready to teach.

    Depending on where you are in Michigan-I'm in Macomb County-the Scott dealer is Argus Safety(no relation to the Argus cameras), and MSA is Apollo Fire Equipment. I don't know hwere the dept got the Argus cameras from.

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