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    Default Strangest or Wierdest Call

    Simple question: What is the strangest or wierdest or wildest call you have been on?
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    Probably not the strangest ever but I once put out a lawn mower fire. A push mower. I later had an old salt from a big city department even he had never had one of those.


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    A gentleman had gophers in his garden , they are legal to kill in florida if they are a nucense or pest problem but not for game. Anyways the gentleman decided to try and kill them by hooking a hose to his exhaust from his muffler and run it inot theyre holes , a nieghbor saw this and called 911 thinking it was a suicide attempt was pretty funny showing up and the look on his face and laughing at the idea and the nieghbor kind of felt dumb but the gentleman was grateful the nieghbor cared enough.
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