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    Post Grand Junction Lawsuit

    GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (AP) - A man has filed a federal lawsuit
    against the Grand Junction police and fire departments, claiming he
    was roughed up and arrested after he suffered an epileptic seizure
    in 2003.
    Jeff Orehek and his attorney, Lonn Heymann, also accused the
    city of adopting a policy of "excessive use of force and
    hog-tying" and said supervisors have failed to properly train
    officers and firefighters how to deal with people who have suffered
    According to the lawsuit, Orehek, 26, suffered a seizure that
    lasted three or four minutes, and it continued after paramedics
    arrived. He told medics he didn't want to be taken to the hospital,
    then walked outside seeking "the protection and comfort of his pet
    dogs" because he was overwhelmed by the number of strangers in his
    He claims he was attacked by a number of officers when he walked
    back inside and the assault continued even after he was handcuffed.
    "The Grand Junction police officers treated Mr. Orehek as a
    dangerous person engaged in criminal activity, rather than a
    disabled person who was suffering from the aftermath of a grand mal
    seizure and trying to cope with his disorientation and
    discomfort," according to the lawsuit, which claims Orehek's civil
    rights were violated.
    City Attorney John Shaver declined to comment on the lawsuit,
    except to note that the City Council recently passed a resolution
    backing the actions of the firefighters and officers named in the
    Orehek was taken to St. Mary's Hospital, where a doctor told
    police the behavior was related to his seizure and persuaded
    officers to remove the cuffs. Orehek, however, was arrested,
    hog-tied at some point and taken to Mesa County Jail, the lawsuit
    An arrest affidavit says police were sent to Orehek's house on a
    report that he was out of control. Police said Orehek was
    uncooperative with firefighters, who said they needed to take
    Orehek into custody for medical reasons.
    Police say Orehek yelled at firefighters, twice jostled a police
    officer and resisted arrest. He was charged with resisting arrest,
    obstructing a peace officer and possession of drug paraphernalia.
    He pleaded guilty to the paraphernalia charge and he was ordered
    to pay a $100 fine, according to court records.

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    Two things that will hopefully clear these guys: documentation and witnesses. I find it hard to believe that the GJFD does not have experience in dealing with post-dictal patients.

    Eric Lancaster

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