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    Default Internet security and anti-virus...Your thoughts?

    Hey- I am so big on this stuff. Like most of you, I really
    try to stay on top of it.

    The programs I uses-

    -MS Service Pack 2 (firewall, security center, etc)
    -McAfee Corporate Edition Antivirus 8.0
    -Lavasoft's Ad-Aware (spyware)
    -Microsoft's New spyware program (doesnt do much,
    but should be included in the next MS Service Pack #3)

    Everyting above runs pretty good.

    My buddy LOVES his Norton 2005 Systemworks. (all in one
    package) Seems to keep up on stuff and scans and protects
    daily. Plus keep his XP O/S running smooth. I plan on
    putting this on the girlfriend's new laptop.

    Please feel free to add your 2 cents, plus.

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    Bou. I got Norton Internet Security 2005. Works great on both the desktop and laptom systems I have. Seems to stop the hackers/blockers and pop-ups no problem at all.
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    I like the subscription services, but they get expensive and are sometimes a little slow to respond. But if you are cheap, like me, Majorgeeks.com has the updates on their web site.
    I have had good luck avast! anti-virus which is free and automatically updates as needed and the beta version of Microsofts Antispyware program. It also automatically updates. i also have ad-Aware just incase.
    I use Mozilla Firefox for internet so that helps also, but I am still using Office Outlook for mail. Both of these will scan incoming and outgoing mail.
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    Norton works well, but it will sure hog up your resources.

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