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    Default CT Blue Light Laws.

    Hears my question. What is the current law for Blue lights in the personal vehicles of Vol. Firefighters?
    I was a vol. about 10 yrs ago and back then it was blue facing forward (unless your a chief/dep chief then you could have red) and blue/clear and 1 red lens facing the rear.
    I recently returned to volunteer service and hear different answers to this question at the firehouse. Not that I want to put lights all over my car - I live close enough to the firehouse that I don't need any. I'm just curious.

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    This is the law. If someone tells you otherwise, they are simply telling you a bad rumor. This is it.

    You can use blue flashing or revolving lights facing any direction you want. There is no limit to where or how many (as some people I know have made painfully evident). You are required to have a permit, signed by the chief of the dept.

    Green flashing or revolving lights are exactly the same as blue, but are for volunteer ambulance departments.

    Wig-Wags (Flashing High-Beam Headlamps) can be used in our personal vehicles (FD or Ambulance) with written permission from the police chief of the town. They can only be used in that town or an ajoining town.

    Red and white flashing or revolving lights and siren are only for use on authorized emergency vehicles. The only FD or Ambulance personel that can use them on their personal vehicle are the chief and 2 of his designees.

    Fire police are allowed to use red flashing or revolving lights while their vehicle is stopped on scene and engaged in fire police activities. They can not be used while enroute. There is no permit for this, I think the state forgot.

    Amber flashing or revolving lights technically require a permit from the police chief of the town. However, I would venture a guess that statewide, I could count the amber light permits on one hand. It is not a policy that is enforced as is evident by every landscape and work truck having amber lights on them. So, this simply becomes a matter of your department's own policy. If you rules allow you to use amber, that is fine. If they say you can only use blue, oh well.

    There you have it. There is no law about using red-to-the-rear which is one of the common rumors.
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