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    Default SCBA Bid Spec ???

    Hello All!!

    First off, Congrats to everyone who's been successfully awarded this year or times past.

    My Dept received funding for new SCBA's and we are all set to bid it out. I'm trying to get this all written up and I can use a little help on the wording. If anyone has a copy of their bids specs that they would like to share I would really appreciate your help. Unfortunately our city has a policy that says after $20,000 all expenses must go out for competitive bidding. We've settled on MSA as we just got 5 new air packs on a seperate local grant and want to make sure we match up with our new air packs. (these did not have to go out for bid as they were under $20k)

    You can email me at nelliz206@hotmail.com

    Thanks a bunch and Stay Safe!!!

    Clint Nelson

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    Why don't you contact your MSA saleperson? If SCBA manufacturer reps are anything like apparatus manufacturer reps, I'll bet they have a "generic" (looking) spec in their briefcase that only they can meet without exception. If so, you can put that out for bid, knowing for sure nobody else but MSA can win.

    This would work for any manufacturer, of course.

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    We also received an SCBA grant last year. As far as putting it out for bid, if you're already using MSA, advertise that you will be accepting bids for MSA SCBA's. There's a sound reason why you're going with a particular brand (compatibility with existing units), the bidding process just comes down to competition between vendors. Then, as bobsnyder said, you can contact your MSA rep and get a copy of their specs...That's what we did. If possible, get him to e-mail it to you in an electronic format that you can make changes to (for example, to specify what options you want).
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    Don't let the bid process make you feel you have to accept something other that you want. You have the new MSA, get spec from MSA or your dealer, and publish that spec. The most important thing is to be adament that you will not accept anything that does not meet your spec. As mentioned before, your MSA dealer should be able to give you a spec that only MSA can meet. Use it, and stick to it. If you get pressure from a purchasing dept head, remind him that you and your people are going to be the ones depending on the equipment, so you are the one to determine what is purchased.
    We put the following in all bid advertisements:
    The BEDROCK Fire Department shall determine which vendors have met the basic requirements of the Bid. Failure to comply with any mandatory requirement will normally disqualify a vendorís proposal. The BEDROCK Fire Department shall have the sole authority to determine whether any deviation from the requirements of this Bid is substantial in nature. The Fire Department may waive or permit to be cured minor informalities in Bids that are immaterial or inconsequential in nature, whenever it is determined to be in the Fire Departmentís interest. In addition, the Fire Department may reject in whole or in part any and all Bids, and conduct discussions with all responsible vendors in any manner deemed necessary to best serve the interest of the Fire Department.
    The time you take to draw up a good, solid spec for the equipment YOU WANT is always time well spent.

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